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Every home buyer has their unique situation. And we have the expertise to come up with creative solutions to fit your situation and get you into the home of your dreams.

Please choose your house from Available Homes. If you do not find the kind of home you are looking for, we can find one for you. Make sure you submit your information so we can contact you when we secure one for you.

We handle all of the paperwork so we can close NOW and get you right into your new dream home.

Your situation is our solution - We are problem solvers who create and provide win-win real estate solutions and we can make your problems evaporate so achieve the American Dream of home ownership.

We have no "cut and paste" solution for home ownership, but we can customize a program that suits any unique situation to get you into your dream home.

Some of the programs we have available are:

Rent-to-Own Program

With a reasonable payment (such as an Option-to-Buy Fee or Down Payment), you can qualify for our Rent-to-Own Program giving you time to improve your credit while you enjoy all the benefits of home ownership.

Once your credit has improved or you have accumulated enough down payment you can qualify for a traditional low rate bank loan.

This program is perfect for those with credit issues or those who haven't saved enough down payment.


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